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Columnsthe grid systems

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ARMA 3 Exile Mini Services

The following are smaller, commonly requested services that Primus Networks frequently receive. They are not covered under the scripting maintenance subscription as they are extremely labour intensive. If you are looking to purchase these under a gold development plan, this is allowed - However it will require you to compromise and sacrifice a significant number of other script/mod/addon slots on them plans.

Custom Map Design

All services related to custom map design and custom building on your map. Please take a look below. If you would like to purchase on of the following please Submit a Ticket. You will need to include what you are looking to purchase, and any details that go with that.

  • 1 Trader City - £19.99
  • 3 Trader Cities - £49.99
  • Small Military Base - £19.99
  • Large Military Base - £24.99
  • Improve 1 Location* - £19.99

*The improvement of a location - For example, adding baracks and extra buildings to improve the look of the Northwest Airfield.


  • Custom Loot Positions Small - £34.99
  • Custom Loot Positions Premium - £49.99
  • Custom Loot Table - £27.99