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Our Story

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

PrimusNetworks is a newly established company, founded by our CEO - George Ryan. With a vision of improving the key qualities of a game server provider, George set out to create PrimusNetworks. Focusing on being the best in support, ease-of-use, quality of service and much more, the focus was on providing great quality game servers and less focus on profits. George had ran his own gameservers before, and being an avid gamer he felt there was something missing in the industry. That is when PrimusNetworks began.

We look forward to our future endeavours and expanding our services for you, the customer. We have a good vision for the future of PrimusNetworks and we are vastly exceeding the targeted progress. We encourage our customers, or even non-customers to help us and give us constructive feedback regarding our services.

Key Qualities


An exceptional quality of service. We do not oversell on our nodes, and so all of the high-end resources utilised by each node can be used equally ensuring that all of our gameservers perform to a fantastic standard.


We have extremely fair pricing for our services. We provide services to a higher standard than all other game server providers, and we are also cheaper than many providers. This is a win-win situation for all customers.


We know that support is a massive part of the game server industry, and in most cases other providers lack quality support. Our 24/7 helpful support staff make PrimusNetworks' support the greatest support out there.


Our services, products and systems make running your server incredibly easy. If you are an expert in running servers we are suitable for you. If you have no experience at all, we are still the provider for you. We cater for anyone & everyone.

Our Data Centers

Here at PrimusNetworks, we currently use European datacentres, and US datacentres. We are currently organising and preparing the infrastructure to add further locations to our array that include South Africa, Australia and Asia.

Our datacenters all have great features such as 24/7 security, backup generators, complex cooling systems, fire prevention protocols and much more.

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